Harkive Music Listening Survey Data - Sorting, Analysis, Visualisation
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This repository contains sample data gathered via the Harkive Music Listening Survey and R Scripts for basic analysis and visualisation.

The sample data set contains 100 anonymised responses to the Harkive Music Listening Survey. Alongside responses to questions regarding age and gender, there are responses to 86 further Likert questions about music listening. In the respoitory I have provided a document that lists/explains the questions contained within the survey.

The original survey can be found at: http://www.harkive.org/h16-survey

A blog post on the Harkive website accompanies this repository: http://www.harkive.org/surv_enc_viz

The sample data set is provided in .csv format. R Scripts are included that perform the following basic tasks:

  1. Survey_Encoding.R - Converts text reponses to numeric values, adds additional variables based on sum, mean and sd calculations

  2. Survey_Visualisation.R - Take numeric values from 1) and creates basic visualisations.

Further scripts will be added at a later date.

The intention of publishing this data/code is twofold:

  1. Share the data I have gathered in the hope that more experienced researchers and/or those interested in popular music may develop their own analysis and share their results/code.

  2. As I have benefitted hugely in my own learning from the culture of sharing data and code that surrounds R, by sharing this code I hope to provide some assistance to researchers seeking to analyse their own survey data but who are, like me, new to R.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss potential collaboration, please feel free to email me: craig.hamilton@bcu.ac.uk