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⚠️ This project is no longer maintined or actively developed. Feel free to fork it and play around if you're interested in the idea.

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Laradock CLI is a tool for Laravel projects which automates the docker configuration setup for services, amongst other things.

It is built with Laravel Zero, on top of Laradock.


Zero Configuration Docker

Laradock CLI reads your .env and makes smart assumptions to reduce a lot of boilerplate configuration. Some examples:

  • Checks your driver settings and recommends which services are applicable
  • Fixes User and Group IDs
  • Checks for package.json before installing node in workspace
  • Checks your CLI php version for which php version to use
  • Modifies the apache2/nginx vhost site URL
  • Sets up your MySQL service with a database

Clean project

Laradock tends to have a larger footprint for the amount of code you use in your repository, Laradock CLI aims to fix this my only including the files for the services you are using.

Clean .env

All docker environment variables have been moved to their own .env.laradock file. No longer have a 300 line .env file.

Easier Maintenance

Simple command to add or remove services, Laradock CLI takes care of all the heavy lifting of setting up files, updating configuration, etc.

Much More

This project is in early development and has lots of planned updates coming.



chmod +x ./laradock

Recommended: sudo mv laradock /usr/bin/laradock


  1. laradock install Run the setup tool
  2. Check the .env.laradock and the files within ./env/docker has the correct configuration for your project.
  3. laradock Build and run the containers and then mount to the workspace container.

Alpha Considerations

Currently the following services have been setup to be automatically configured. If you use a service outside this list you will need to manually set it up per Laradock documentation.

  • Workspace
  • Nginx
  • Apache2
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • Postgres
  • PGAdmin


Laradock Commands

  • laradock This will start docker with docker-compose up -d and then mount you on the workspace container.
  • laradock install An interactive guide for setting up your project with Laradock CLI.
  • laradock status See which services you're currently using
  • laradock services List all Laradock services
  • laradock add <service> Add a specific service.
  • laradock remove <service> Remove a specific service.
  • laradock workspace Mounts yourself to the workspace container as Laradock user.
  • laradock uninstall Remove the Laradock CLI files from your project.

DockerCompose Commands

  • laradock up Runs docker-compose up -d with the .env.laradock loaded in.
  • laradock down Runs docker-compose down with the .env.laradock loaded in.
  • laradock build Runs docker-compose build with the .env.laradock loaded in.
  • laradock restart Runs docker-compose restart with the .env.laradock loaded in.
  • laradock push Runs docker-compose push with the .env.laradock loaded in.
  • laradock exec Runs docker-compose exec with the .env.laradock loaded in.
  • laradock ps Runs docker-compose ps with the .env.laradock loaded in.