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Scan your entire site with Google Lighthouse in 2 minutes (on average). Open source, fully configurable with minimal setup.


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unlighthouse - Scan your entire website with Google Lighthouse.

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Unlighthouse scans your entire site using Google Lighthouse,
with a modern UI, minimal config and smart sampling.

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Status: v0.12.2 Released 🎉
Made possible by my Sponsor Program 💖
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Quick Setup

Run the following command:

npx unlighthouse --site <your-site>
# or PNPM
pnpm dlx unlighthouse --site <your-site>

Requirements: Node >= 18.x.

Getting Started

Install instructions for all integrations can be found on the docs site.

Need a hand? Join the Discord for one-on-one help.


Unlighthouse will save your reports in outputDir, it's recommended you .gitignore these files.



If you run into any issues with Unlighthouse, the first step should be to re-run the scan with debugging enabled.

npx unlighthouse --site --debug
# or PNPM
pnpm dlx unlighthouse --site --debug


Integration instructions, Guides, API and config spec can be found on docs site.



MIT License © 2022 Harlan Wilton