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# This is a sample Makefile for the previous perltidy installation
# method in which perltidy was a single script. The installation using
# Makefile.PL is preferred, but this might be helpful if you want to use
# this old installation method to install a single perltidy script
# instead. See the INSTALL file for more information.
# Step 0: Build the monolithic version of 'perltidy':
# 'perl pm2pl'
# and then verify that 'perltidy' works using something like:
# perl ./perltidy
# Step 1: edit BINDIR to reflect where you want to put perltidy
# This is fairly standard:
BINDIR = /usr/local/bin
# Step 2: edit MANDIR to reflect where you want to put the man page, perltidy.1
# or comment out MANDIR to skip installing a man page.
# (Man pages can be found on the web at
# Note: The value of MANDIR varies a lot, so be sure to check this.
MANDIR = /usr/local/man/man1
# Step 3: Then become superuser (if necessary) and issue the command
# make install
PROGRAM = perltidy
install: $(PROGRAM)
chmod 755 $(BINDIR)/$(PROGRAM)
if test -d $(MANDIR); then cp docs/$(PROGRAM).1 $(MANDIR)/$(PROGRAM).1; \
chmod 644 $(MANDIR)/$(PROGRAM).1; \
if test -d $(BINDIR); then rm -f $(BINDIR)/$(PROGRAM); fi
if test -d $(MANDIR); then rm -f $(MANDIR)/$(PROGRAM).1; fi