An iOS app for location-based photo sharing.
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#Droplet: Localized Anonymous Image Sharing

Droplet is a new way to share and see what's going on around you.

##Requirements Due to the fact that it uses the camera, Droplet must be run on a real iOS device. Droplet also requires Alamofire as a package to be installed and included in the repository when using it locally.


  1. Clone the repository onto your local machine
  2. Add Alamofire to your project directory
  3. Open the project in XCode
  4. Add Alamofire by importing the files and ensuring they are included in your Linked Frameworks & Libraries
  5. Run Droplet on a real iOS device

##Structure This project contains three storyboard files, view controllers, models, and tests. All image assets are included in the Assets.xcassets directory. All code has specific comments and notes about its use.