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Sources : Git Repository
Bug Tracker : Bug Tracker
Download: AppsForMeego - - MeeGo COBS - Nokia Store

KhtNotes is a note taking application for Harmattan devices (n950, n9), and all device running MeeGo/Mer/NemoMobile. Provide sync of notes with ownCloud, and permit to preview markdown syntax Synchronization is made for Owncloud webdav, but should work with any other webdav server.


  • Sync with ownCloud or other webdav server
  • Preview markdown syntax
  • File are stored as text file, so you can directly edit them in ownCloud or via a mounted webdav point and a text editor.
  • Import your Conboy or Tomboy notes (note should be in ~/.conboy/ directory)

Install on n9/n950 via QrCode

Qr Code


KhtNotes Screenshot 1
KhtNotes Screenshot 2
KhtNotes Screenshot 3
KhtNotes Screenshot 4


Licenced under GPLv3.