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The sample application use to perform CRUD operations using playframework and Spring
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Important Points for setup Play Project

Create the new play project using follwoing command:

$ play new project_name

For detail information got to this link:

For using eclipse IDE with play project there are some important and basic points as follow:

Note: For setting eclipse for Play click on this link:

  • You need to create eclipse settings files for project using following command:
$ project-dir> play eclipse
  • When ecilipse files are created successfully, import the project as follow in eclipse:
import > General > Existings Project Into Workspace

#####There are some points, we need to discuss for setup this sample application.

  1. Checkout Perform CRUD Operations using Play-Framework with Spring Depedency Injection project using TortoiseGit or Egit.
  2. In this project we are using H2 embedded database. For create database first time, go to project conf/application.conf file and uncomment the evolutionplugin=disabled line and save the file.
  3. Now run the following command:
$ project_dir> play clean compile
$ project_dir> play run
  1. Your database are created successfully in project directory.
  2. If you want to check you database, stop the application and run the following command:
$ project_dir> play
  1. Your playframework is start and the run following commands as below:
[project_dir] $ 
[project_dir] $ h2-browser
  1. Your browser is open and select Generic Server and enter username and password.

Note: Please check conf/application.conf file for db cridentials and settings.

  1. After create the database comment the evolutionplugin=disabled line from conf/application.conf file, because if we not comment, every time when application is start the play-framework create database new and your previous data is lost.


  1. Unmanaged Dependencies: In SBT, when we need to add unmanaged dependencies, create lib folder on the root of the project and add all unmanaged dependencies.


  1. Play Eclipse Debug Config:
  • Go to project Debug-Configurations.
  • select Remote-Java-Configuration.
  • Create new configuration add Name and Select "Connect" tab
    • Select project
    • Connection Type: Standard (Socket Attach)
    • Connection Properties: HOST(localhost), PORT(9999) -Click on Apply
  1. Run command play debug run.
  2. Run debug configurations and add the breakpoints and hit the url.

Note: When importing the project into eclipse and you got the errors in your source code and templates. Please use the following link :

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