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Functions focued on storing data in single encrypted file for long term collection.

The store is 'packetized', with discrete units of the format below appended to a single file, preventing the need to decrypt the store every time additional data is added.

The 'packet' structure for each file is (currently) as follows:

[4 bytes representing size of next block to decrypt]
[0] (indicating straight AES)
[16 byte IV]
[AES-CBC encrypted file block]
    [compressed stream]
        [260 characters/bytes indicating original path]
        [file contents]

[4 bytes representing size of next block to decrypt]
[1] (indicating straight RSA+AES)
[128 bytes random AES key encrypted with the the RSA public key]
[16 byte IV]
[AES-CBC encrypted file block]
    [compressed stream]
        [260 characters/bytes indicating original path]
        [file contents]

To encrypt a file for ENCSTORE.bin:

  • Read raw file contents
  • Pad original full file PATH to 260 Bytes
  • Compress [PATH + file] using IO.Compression.DeflateStream
  • If using RSA+AES, generate a random AES key and encrypt using the RSA public key
  • Generate random 16 Byte IV
  • Encrypt compressed stream with AES-CBC using the predefined key and generated IV
  • Calculate length of encrypted block + IV
  • append 4 Byte representation of length to ENCSTORE.bin
  • append 0 byte if straight AES used, 1 if RSA+AES used
  • optionally append 128 bytes of RSA encrypted random AES key if RSA+AES scheme used
  • append IV to ENCSTORE.bin
  • append encrypted file to ENCSTORE.bin

To decrypt ENCSTORE.bin, while there is more data to decrypt:

  • Read first 4 Bytes of ENCSTORE.bin and calculate length value X
  • Read next size X Bytes of encrypted file
  • Read first byte of encrypted block to determine encryption scheme
    • 0 == straight AES
    • 1 == RSA + AES where random AES key encrypted with RSA pub key
  • If RSA+AES is used, read the next 128 bytes of the RSA encrypted AES key and decrypt using the RSA private key
  • Read next 16 Bytes of encrypted block and extract IV
  • Read remaining block and decrypt AES-CBC compressed stream using predefined key and extracted IV
  • Decompress [PATH + file] using IO.Compression.DeflateStream
  • Split path by \ and create nested folder structure to mirror original path
  • Write original file to mirrored path


The PowerShell implementation of EncryptedStore.


Compresses and encrypts the data passed by $Data with the supplied AES/RSA $Key and write the data to the specified encrypted $StorePath. -StorePath can be on the filesystem ("${Env:Temp}\debug.bin"), registry (HKLM:\SOFTWARE\something\something\key\valuename), or WMI (ROOT\Software\namespace:ClassName). RSA keys can be generated with New-RSAKeyPair.

If the passed data is a filename, the file is encrypted along with the original path. Otherwse, the passed data itself is encrypted along with a timestamp to be used as the extracted file format. If you to tag non-file data, use -DataTag.


PS C:\> Write-EncryptedStore -FilePath C:\Folder\secret.txt,C:\Folder\secret2.txt -StorePath C:\Temp\debug.bin -Key 'Password123!'

PS C:\> 'secret.txt','secret2.txt' | Write-EncryptedStore -StorePath C:\Temp\debug.bin -Key 'Password123!'

PS C:\> "keystrokes" | Write-EncryptedStore -StorePath C:\Temp\debug.bin -Key 'Password123!' -DataTag 'keylog'


Takes a given encrypted store specified by $StorePath and extracts, decrypts, and decompresses all files/data contained within it. Extracted files are written out to a created nested folder structure mirroring the file's original path. -List will list the files without extracting them.


PS C:\> Read-EncryptedStore -StorePath C:\Temp\debug.bin -Key 'Password123!'
File data written to C:\Temp\C\Temp\secret.txt
File data written to C:\Temp\C\Temp\secret2.txt

The Python implementation of EncryptedStore.

Note: RSA containers are not currently supported.

To list the files in a store:

# ./ --store store.bin --key 'Password123!' --list


C:\Temp\secret.txt           :   1684 bytes
C:\Temp\secret2.txt          :   60173 bytes

To extract files from a store to a mirrored directory structure in the current directory:

# /tmp/ --store store.bin --key 'Password123!'

Extracted 1684 bytes of 'C:/Temp/secret.txt' to '/tmp/C:/Temp/secret.txt'
Extracted 60173 bytes of 'C:/Temp/secret2.txt' to '/tmp/C:/Temp/secret2.txt'