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The core protocol of harmony
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Installation Requirements

GMP and OpenSSL

brew install gmp
brew install openssl

Dev Environment Setup

The required go version is: go1.12

export GOPATH=$HOME/<path_of_your_choice>
export CGO_CFLAGS="-I$GOPATH/src/ -I$GOPATH/src/ -I/usr/local/opt/openssl/include"
export CGO_LDFLAGS="-L$GOPATH/src/ -L/usr/local/opt/openssl/lib"

mkdir -p $HOME/<path_of_your_choice>/src/

cd $HOME/<path_of_your_choice>/src/

git clone

cd mcl && make -j4 && cd ..

git clone

cd bls && make -j4 && cd ..

git clone

cd harmony

export GO111MODULE=on



Note : Some of our scripts require bash 4.x support, please install bash 4.x on MacOS X. Make sure you set export GO111MODULE=on.

Build all executables

You can run the script ./scripts/ to build all the executables.

Build individual executables

Initialize BLS

source scripts/

Harmony server / main node:

go build -o bin/harmony cmd/harmony/main.go


go build -o bin/wallet cmd/client/wallet/main.go

Tx Generator:

go build -o bin/txgen cmd/client/txgen/main.go


You may build the src/harmony.go locally and run local test.

Running local test

The script creates a local environment of Harmony blockchain devnet based on the configuration file. The configuration file configures number of nodes and their IP/Port. The script starts one local beacon chain node, the blockchain nodes, and run a transactional generator program which generates and sends simulated transactions to the local blockchain.

./test/ ./test/configs/beaconchain40.txt


Make sure you use the following command and make sure everything passed before submitting your code.



Harmony is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE file for the terms and conditions.

Harmony includes third-party open source code. In general, a source subtree with a LICENSE or COPYRIGHT file is from a third party, and our modifications thereto are licensed under the same third-party open source license.

Also please see our Fiduciary License Agreement if you are contributing to the project. By your submission of your contribution to us, you and we mutually agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Contributing To Harmony

See CONTRIBUTING for details.

Development Status

Features Done

  • Fully sharded network with beacon chain and shard chains
  • Cuckoo-rule based resharding
  • Staking on beacon chain
  • Distributed randomness generation with VRF and VDF (Proof-of-Concept VDF)
  • Sharded P2P network and P2P gossiping
  • FBFT (Fast Byzantine Fault Tolerance) Consensus with BLS multi-signature
  • Account model and support for Solidity
  • Simple wallet program
  • Information disposal algorithm using erasure encoding (to be integrated)
  • Blockchain explorer with performance report and transaction lookup
  • Transaction generator for loadtesting

Features To Be Implemented

  • Secure VDF
  • Consensus view-change protocol
  • Cross-shard transaction

Features Planned after Mainnet

  • Integration with WASM
  • Fast state synchronization
  • Kademlia routing
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