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Kernel configuration


Symfony parameters

Name Value Method
kernel.project_dir getProjectDir()
kernel.environment dev or prod
kernel.debug true or false
kernel.cache_dir /var/cache/%env% getCacheDir()
kernel.logs_dir /var/log getLogDir()
kernel.bundles getBundles()
kernel.charset UTF-8 getCharset()

{% hint style="info" %} To get the complete, updated list and description of all available parameters provided by the Symfony Kernel class, see: Configuring in the Kernel. {% endhint %}

Harmony extra parameters

Name Value Method
kernel.app_name Harmony
kernel.app_version 1.0
kernel.theme_dir /themes getThemeDir()
kernel.themes ThemeInterface[] getThemes()
kernel.extension_dir /extensions getExtensionDir()
kernel.extensions ExtensionInterface[] getExtensions()

{% hint style="info" %} HarmonyCMS provide an abstract kernel class who need to be extended from by your application Kernel class.
This class override and add some stuff to the default Kernel class provided by Symfony. {% endhint %}

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