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The Parameters system

Settings system, allowing application users to edit some configuration and storing it in database is a common need in a variety of projects.

Settings are managed by HarmonySettingManagerBundle.

{% hint style="warning" %} HarmonySettingManagerBundle provide a user interface who IS NOT enabled in HarmonyCMS.
If you which to enable it, follow the instructions provided by the bundle. {% endhint %}


Domain is like a group for settings. Setting cannot exist without a domain.
The default is named default, which is also always enabled. Domain can hold only one setting with the same name. Settings with the same names must be in different domains. When a setting is requested, the one from a higher priority domain will be returned.

In HarmonyCMS, domains are used to group settings by categories like the default is used for general settings of the CMS, when other domains are used for extensionsor themes.


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