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A WordPress Plugin to generate a quick Markdown list of links of your latest posts.
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Recent Posts Markdown Generator

A WordPress Plugin that generates a Markdown list of links to your latest posts. Useful for driving traffic back to your blog from Medium or


Download From

For now, to install and use, go to the GitHub Releases for the plugin and click "Zip" on the latest version.

Log in to your WordPress install and go to Plugins > Add New. Then hit Upload Plugin and select the zip you just downloaded.

Tada! It should be installed.


Once installed, go to Tools > Recent Posts Markdown. Select what post type, and how many posts to include and hit submit!

It will output something like this:

## Recent Posts
* [Something](http://localhost/blank/projects/something/)
* [Lololol](http://localhost/blank/projects/lololol/)
* [Blah Blah Blah](http://localhost/blank/projects/blah-blah-blah/)

Recent Posts

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