A virtual machine for simulating swarms of simple robots
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"Ants" provides the foundation for simulating swarms of simple robots.
This program has been used to investigate swarm-based exploration and
communication strategies for robots with extremely limited abilities
operating in an unknown environment, inspired by the behavior of
natural ant colonies.

This repository contains a compiler for translating "ant programs"
written in an assembly-like language to a binary format, a decompiler
for translating binary ants back to source form, and a virtual machine
for setting-up a simulation environment and executing the simulation.

The original target platform for this program was Java 2 SE, v1.3.
The code has since been updated to make use of the features introduced
in recent Java versions; therefore you need Java SE 7 to compile and
run it.

The files in this repository are licensed under the conditions specified
in the accompanying LICENSE file.