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                                ASTROIDS '97


        ASTROIDS is an homage to the classic arcade video game "Asteroids"
        by Atari.

        In this game, you are a space pilot for Galactic Sweeping, Inc.,
        the leading space cleaning company in the southern arm of the
        galaxy. Your mission is to clean your assigned space area from
        as many asteroids as possible before finally getting destroyed.

        (As you can probably imagine, since no pilot ever manages to make
        it home and pick up his pay check, staff costs in this company are
        relatively low. On the other hand, increasing costs for replacement
        space ships are a significant risk for the company's long-term

        The standard cleaning ship is equipped with gravitonic deflector
        shields and a (somewhat antique) Class III pulsed phase cannon.
        Your shields are automatically activated when an asteroid hits your
        ship, but every activation consumes energy.  When all your energy
        is used up, then ... well, you can imagine the consequences.
        Strangely enough, whenever you reach a multiple of 10000 points,
        your energy is fully recharged by some mysterious force.

How to play

        After starting ASTROIDS, the title screen should appear. By waiting
        for a few seconds, you can take a look at the Hall of Fame. To read
        your own name there, press a key to start the game.

        In the game, the small blue/red can that appears at the center of
        the screen is your space ship. The yellow bar in the top-left
        corner displays your remaining shield energy, and the number in the
        top-right corner displays your score.

        Keyboard controls

        ESC                 Exit the game
        P                   Pause, continue with SPACE
        SPACE               Fire
        Left arrow          Turn left
        Right arrow         Turn right
        Up arrow            Accelerate

System requirements

        ASTROIDS runs under DOS and Windows 9x. If you have a more recent
        system, you can run the game in a virtual machine using FreeDOS or
        use a DOS emulator such as DOSBox or DOSEMU.

Production Notes / Credits

        The following tools were used to produce ASTROIDS:

        Compiler: Watcom C/C++ 10.6, OpenWatcom 1.9
        3d modeling and rendering: Reflections 3d
        2d image editing: Corel Photo-Paint, GIMP

        The title screen of the game is based on a stunning photograph of
        the Cone Nebula (NCG 2264) created by David Malin at the Australian
        Astronomical Observatory. Many thanks to David Malin for kindly
        giving permission to include his work in the game.

        The background of the game screen is based on a photograph of the
        spiral galaxy NGC 5457 created by Anttler at

Home page

        You can download ASTROIDS at



        ASTROIDS may be modified and redistributed under the conditions
        specified in the accompanying LICENSE file.


An homage to a classic arcade video game







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