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[The following components of the original library have not yet been
 imported into git: ImageList, PaintBox, Panel, Screen, Slider, TabView,
 and XButton.  I have adjusted the Makefile so that the library can be
 built in its current state.]

               Magrathea - Object-oriented GUI framework

Magrathea is an object-oriented framework for GUI applications,
implemented in C++.  It has been developed as an attempt to provide a
programming interface similar to the beautiful (at least when compared
to then popular libraries such as MFC) BeOS API on Windows.

The framework is far from being complete and is in no way "production
ready".  In particular, it lacks serious error handling.  Nevertheless,
an earlier version has been successfully used to build an interactive 3d
landscape editor and fractal landscape generator.  The framework also
inherited its name from that program.  (How else could you name a
program for creating planets?)

The platform-specific parts of the framework are all nicely hidden
behind a set of pure-virtual classes.  Porting the framework to a
different target platform would only require implementing the interfaces
specified in the PlatformXXX classes and providing a subclass of the
Application class.

Parts of this project date back before the C++98 standard.  At that
time, most C++ compilers shipped without a real standard library.
Therefore, the framework contains some classes (strings, collections,
managed pointers) whose functionality is now provided by the C++
standard library.

The original target compiler for this library was Visual C++ 6.0.
Because C++ compiler have since become stricter in their interpretation
of the language, the code has been updated so that it can be compiled
with todays compilers.  The provided Makefile can be used to build the
framework on Linux using a MinGW cross-compiler.

The files in this repository are licensed under the conditions specified
in the accompanying LICENSE file.


An object-oriented GUI framework for C++







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