A standard library extension for OCaml, including a monadic parser library
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           ocaml-base - standard library extension for OCaml

This library is an extension of the OCaml standard library.  It provides
extended Array, Char, List, and String modules, data structures for
finite sets and finite maps based on binary trees of bounded balance,
dynamic arrays, priority queues based on array-embedded heaps, and some

Additionally, ocaml-base contains a rather complete and efficient
monadic parser combinator library, similar to the Parsec library for
Haskell and the FParsec library for F#.


ocaml-base depends on the following tools and libraries:

- Regular expression support in ocaml-base relies on PCRE-OCaml [1].
  PCRE is currently used only by the CharStream and MParser modules, but
  the library cannot be loaded without it.

- Compilation is done using the included OCamlMakefile, which requires
  GNU Make.

- Installation uses the Findlib library manager [2].

ocaml-base has been tested with OCaml 3.10 and 3.12, but it should also
work with older or newer versions.


Unpack in any directory, change to the newly created directory:

  $ tar zxvf ocaml-base-<version>.tar.gz
  $ cd ocaml-base-<version>

Build the libraries (byte-code and native):

  $ make

Build the documentation:

  $ make docs

Install the library with findlib:

  $ make install

Uninstall the library with findlib:

  $ make uninstall

Contact information

Bug reports, comments, and patches are welcome.  Please use the contact
information provided at http://harnold.org/software/.


This library is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General
Public License, version 2.1, with a special exception.  See the
accompanying LICENSE file for details.


[1] Markus Mottl's OCaml software (PCRE-OCaml and OCamlMakefile)

[2] Findlib Library Manager