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#How to use Solomon Splits

##Landing Page

Solomon Splits helps two people divide stuff.

To create a new dispute, type in the name of your dispute and hit Get Seperated. Try to make it short, pithy, and memorable. It has to be unique, so if we already have a dispute of that name stored, you will be mocked for your lack of creativity and prompted to create a new name.

To find an existing dispute, enter the name of the dispute exactly, and click Find. If we can’t find a dispute with that name, you will be cordially invited to correct your error or create a new dispute.

To switch between Get Separated and Find, click the text below the Find/Get Separated button.

##Create a list Once you’ve created a dispute, you need to fill it with the things you need to divvy up.

Just enter the item into the item field, and press enter. Once you’ve added everything to the list, hit finalize. Once this is finalized, you cannot


  • Come up with the list ahead of time with the other person. This only works if both people agree the list is fair.
  • Duplicates will be deleted, so make each item unique. Mention your cats by name, not “Cat”, “Cat”, “Cat”.
  • Try to package things that shouldn’t be divided up together. If your sofa-and-chair set would be ruined if you each took * one, then add them in a single entry.
  • At the same time, try to divide things as finely as possible. The more items in the list, the better the split will be.
  • Try not to include things of wildly different value in the same list. If your list is “House” and “Broken Chevy”, you can bet everyone will pick the “House”, and we won’t be able to work our magic.

##Order List

Once the list of items is created, both parties need rank the items.
First, enter your name in the name field, so we know whose ranking this is.

Then, just click on the items and drag them around. Stuff you want the most goes on top; stuff you don’t care about so much goes on the bottom. Once you’ve ranked everything, click ‘Seperate us”. You’ll be shown a sad animation of a breaking heart.

####Tips Be honest in how you rank things. You might be tempted to try to game the system by highly ranking things you think the other person might like. This is a terrible idea and will result in you getting fewer things than you want.


Once both parties have ranked the list, you are separated! The list of things under your name are what you get; the stuff under the other person’s name is what they get. Items opposite each other show what the other guy got instead of what you go. so if you have


  • Cat
  • Hat
  • Vat


  • Broom
  • Doom
  • Vroom

Sam wanted the Cat more than the Broom and Alex wanted the Broom more than the Cat, and so on down the line.

Unfortunately, the algorithm we’re using isn’t perfect, and sometimes we’ll end up with a few items we can’t allocate to one party or the other. They go into the Contested section. We suggest Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock.


Web application for splitting items envy free!



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