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Easy to use clients for building ebooks with EpubPress.

Backend code can be found in haroldtreen/epub-press.

Follow us on Twitter.


EpubPress is a service for stitching articles/blogs/webpages into a customized ebook.

🌟 Benefits 🌟

EpubPress makes reading the web more enjoyable!

  • Downloads your articles for offline reading.
  • Books are compatible with all your iPhone, Android, Kindle, Nook, etc.
  • Removes website boilerplate and ads. Just. Clean. Content.
  • Lets you group information together (eg. "News from this week", "Top 10 travel articles").
  • Easy to sharing with friends.

Packages πŸ“¦


Chrome Web Store Chrome Web Store

Source code for the EpubPress chrome extension. The extension allows you to build ebooks by selecting articles from your currently open tabs.

It is available on the Chrome Store

See the Readme here


npm npm

A javascript library for creating books with EpubPress.

It is available on npm

See the Readme here


A set of ready to use widgets for integration by publishers. Give your users the ability to download your content in an ebook.

Development/release is on the Roadmap.*

See the Readme here

Roadmap πŸ›£

  • Widgets.
  • Ability to share your generated creations with others.
  • Custom cover page.
  • Extra metadata (eg. author).
  • Detection for pages with a list of links (eg. OneTab, Feedly, RSS Feeds) and show those links.

Have any awesome ideas? Suggestions? Feature requests? Would love to hear them!

Bug Reporting πŸ›

Create an issue in Github.


Send a help request to
Please include as much information as possible (eg. version, os, reproduction steps, screenshots)

Acknowledgements πŸ‘