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+Florian Berger
+dumps the root window of an x-display into another window on another
+windump.c - as posted in
+this is published as GPL, so everybody feel free to contribute or improve.
+first of all install the latest nvidia driver from
+and set up a dual head xorg.conf with one screen configured with the
+proprietary nvidia driver (an exmaple xorg.conf is in this repository)
+the nvidia device had to be the primary device for me, otherwise it
+wouldnt work.
+the code is compiled by
+gcc -o windump windump.c -lX11 -lXext -lXtst
+and invoked by
+./windump :0.0 :0.1
+where :0.0 is the display of nvidia desktop and :0.1 is the display of the
+intel desktop

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