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1. What is it?

Steem Smart Contracts is a sidechain powered by Steem, it allows you to perform actions on a decentralized database via the power of Smart Contracts.

2. How does it work?

This is actually pretty easy, you basically need a Steem account and that's it. To interact with the Smart Contracts you simply post a message on the Steem blockchain (formatted in a specific way), the message will then be catched by the sidechain and processed.

3. Sidechain specifications

  • run on node.js
  • database layer powered by MongoDB
  • Smart Contracts developed in Javascript
  • Smart Contracts run in a sandboxed Javascript Virtual Machine called VM2
  • a block on the sidechain is produced only if transactions are being parsed in a Steem block

4. Setup a Steem Smart Contracts node

see wiki:

5. Tests

  • npm run test

6. Usage/docs