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This is a Eclipse Plug-in for LaTex/BibTex projects
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TeXDojo is an Eclipse plug-in for LaTeX writers. It contains a LaTeX editor and a BibTeX editor.

I maintain an Eclipse UpdateSite at

TeXDojo can be enabled on any type of projects and automatically compile all tex files containing "document" tag.

To view the generated PDF file, TeXDojo suggests user to install It supports auto refresh and allow user to see their changes on PDF immediately.

LaTeX Editor

LaTeX editor provides features including syntax highlight, auto-completion and text format. LaTeX files will be automatically compiled when file is saved. It also ease editing effort such as block comments on selected lines.


  • 2018-03-27 LaTeX editor now supports Spell Check based on GNU Aspell. You can install Aspell on your platform and enable spell checking by going to Preference->TeXDojo->LaTeX Editor->Spell Check

BibTeX Editor

BibTeX editor provides a table-view for bib entries. It allows user to sort / find the entries by keywords. It can also automatically download bibtex entries from websites such as ArXiv and ACM digital library.

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