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Orbiting is a simple visual communication app for groups.

A person is able to use it to type and display the message to those around. We want to create a very simple experience that doesn't require a lot of tech knowledge or experience.

Similar to:

This time HTML

This is the third time that we have built this app. The first couple times it was native iOS code. This time we have chosen a slightly more accessible route (we hope).

We hope to get a couple things by using HTML only.

  • The goal is for the app to be an installable progressive web app (via safari in iOS, or in chrome on android). The user should be able to install the app and instantly use it. There shouldn't be any need for a "backend."
  • It should be equally usable on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.
  • It should be easy to fix bugs, roll out change, etc.
  • forces us to be very simple


Feel free to pick an issue, handle it and submit a pull request.


We have three milestones:

Let's get through the first one and then YAY

Hosting / Tech

Orbiting is hosted at firebase and uses some plain javascript. It is pretty straight forward. We decided not to use a large framework because the app is so simple.

We should use firebase functions to power group chat.


This is a collaboration between Christine Sun Kim and Harper Reed.

The goal of the app is to create an amazingly simple way to communicate in a visual / chat way. Whether in groups or one on one - we want orbiting to be an easy and free way for people to interact together.


  • v.04: you help us out to create an amazing app that is great!
  • v.03: HTML/JS hack launched by Harper and CK at an MIT Medialab Berlin event summer 2018
  • v.02: iOS app that worked much better. A really great team of @nickttng, @sophiakc and @jovan90jovanovic helped make the app awesome. However, it didn't stay up to date and we removed it from the app store.
  • v.01: iOS app that barely worked
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