A Chrome extension to give more mailto options.
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An appeal from programmer Brandon Harris

I was cruising wikipedia and this dude kept popping up asking me for money. It seemed like they were appealing directly to ME.

I thought it was hilarious and welcomed the little dude to join me on my internet cruise.

Download from the Chrome Store Here

Please help me make this less terrible.


  • This is my first extension. it was really fun to build. took about an hour. i recommend it.
  • It is probably riddled with bugs and ways to make your browser crash.
  • follow brandon (@jorm) on twitter.
  • follow me (@harper) on twitter
  • check out Brandon Harris's AMA on reddit.
  • donate money to wikipedia.
  • please help me make this better.
  • thanks for @detour1999 for helping me learn how to use javascript (lol. seriously though. i was RUSTY.)

Programmer Brandon Harris