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Python Oauth client for Twitter
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Python Oauth client for Twitter

I built this so that i didn't have to keep looking for an oauth client for twitter to use in python. 

It is based off of the PHP work from ( 
It was very helpful. 

I am using the OAuth lib that is from google gdata. I figure it is a working client and is in production use - so it should be solid. You can find it at:

With a bit of modification this client should work with other publishers. 

btw, i am a python n00b. so feel free to help out. 

harper - (email and xmpp)


Google Code Project:
Issue Tracker:


The example client is included in the It is:

if __name__ == '__main__':
    consumer_key = ''
    consumer_secret = ''
    while not consumer_key:
        consumer_key = raw_input('Please enter consumer key: ')
    while not consumer_secret:
        consumer_secret = raw_input('Please enter consumer secret: ')
    auth_client = TwitterOAuthClient(consumer_key,consumer_secret)
    tok = auth_client.get_request_token()
    token = tok['oauth_token']
    token_secret = tok['oauth_token_secret']
    url = auth_client.get_authorize_url(token)
    print "Visit this URL to authorize your app: " + url
    response_token = raw_input('What is the oauth_token from twitter: ')
    response_client = TwitterOAuthClient(consumer_key, consumer_secret,token, token_secret) 
    tok = response_client.get_access_token()
    print "Making signed request"
    #verify user access
    content = response_client.oauth_request('', method='POST')
    #make an update
    #content = response_client.oauth_request('', {'status':'Updated from a python oauth client. awesome.'}, method='POST')
    print content
    print 'Done.'

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