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/* sbt -- Simple Build Tool
* Copyright 2008, 2009, 2010 Mark Harrah
package sbt
import org.apache.ivy.{core, plugins}
import core.module.descriptor.{DefaultDependencyDescriptor, DefaultModuleDescriptor}
import core.settings.IvySettings
import plugins.parser.xml.XmlModuleDescriptorParser
import plugins.repository.Resource
import plugins.repository.url.URLResource
/** Subclasses the default Ivy file parser in order to provide access to protected methods.*/
private[sbt] object CustomXmlParser extends XmlModuleDescriptorParser
import XmlModuleDescriptorParser.Parser
class CustomParser(settings: IvySettings, defaultConfig: Option[String]) extends Parser(CustomXmlParser, settings)
if(defaultConfig.isDefined) setDefaultConfMapping("*->default(compile)")
def setSource(url: URL) =
super.setResource(new URLResource(url))
def setInput(bytes: Array[Byte]) { setInput(new ByteArrayInputStream(bytes)) }
/** Overridden because the super implementation overwrites the module descriptor.*/
override def setResource(res: Resource) {}
override def setMd(md: DefaultModuleDescriptor) = super.setMd(md)
override def parseDepsConfs(confs: String, dd: DefaultDependencyDescriptor) = super.parseDepsConfs(confs, dd)
override def getDefaultConf = defaultConfig.getOrElse(super.getDefaultConf)
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