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/* sbt -- Simple Build Tool
* Copyright 2008, 2009, 2010 Mark Harrah
package sbt
import java.util.Collections.emptyMap
import scala.collection.mutable.HashSet
import org.apache.ivy.{core, plugins}
import core.module.descriptor.{DefaultExcludeRule, ExcludeRule}
import core.module.descriptor.{DefaultModuleDescriptor, ModuleDescriptor, OverrideDependencyDescriptorMediator}
import{ArtifactId,ModuleId, ModuleRevisionId}
import plugins.matcher.ExactPatternMatcher
object ScalaArtifacts
val Organization = "org.scala-lang"
val LibraryID = "scala-library"
val CompilerID = "scala-compiler"
def libraryDependency(version: String): ModuleID = ModuleID(Organization, LibraryID, version)
import ScalaArtifacts._
final case class IvyScala(scalaVersion: String, configurations: Iterable[Configuration], checkExplicit: Boolean, filterImplicit: Boolean, overrideScalaVersion: Boolean, substituteCross: ModuleID => ModuleID)
private object IvyScala
/** Performs checks/adds filters on Scala dependencies (if enabled in IvyScala). */
def checkModule(module: DefaultModuleDescriptor, conf: String)(check: IvyScala)
checkDependencies(module, check.scalaVersion, check.configurations)
excludeScalaJars(module, check.configurations)
overrideScalaVersion(module, check.scalaVersion)
def overrideScalaVersion(module: DefaultModuleDescriptor, version: String)
overrideVersion(module, Organization, LibraryID, version)
overrideVersion(module, Organization, CompilerID, version)
def overrideVersion(module: DefaultModuleDescriptor, org: String, name: String, version: String)
val id = new ModuleId(org, name)
val over = new OverrideDependencyDescriptorMediator(null, version)
module.addDependencyDescriptorMediator(id, ExactPatternMatcher.INSTANCE, over)
/** Checks the immediate dependencies of module for dependencies on scala jars and verifies that the version on the
* dependencies matches scalaVersion. */
private def checkDependencies(module: ModuleDescriptor, scalaVersion: String, configurations: Iterable[Configuration])
val configSet = if(configurations.isEmpty) (c: String) => true else configurationSet(configurations)
for(dep <- module.getDependencies.toList)
val id = dep.getDependencyRevisionId
if(id.getOrganisation == Organization && id.getRevision != scalaVersion && dep.getModuleConfigurations.exists(configSet))
error("Version specified for dependency " + id + " differs from Scala version in project (" + scalaVersion + ").")
private def configurationSet(configurations: Iterable[Configuration]) =
/** Adds exclusions for the scala library and compiler jars so that they are not downloaded. This is
* done because these jars are provided by the ScalaInstance of the project. The version of Scala to use
* is done by setting scalaVersion in the project definition. */
private def excludeScalaJars(module: DefaultModuleDescriptor, configurations: Iterable[Configuration])
val configurationNames =
val names = module.getConfigurationsNames
val configSet = configurationSet(configurations)
configSet.intersect(HashSet(names : _*))
def excludeScalaJar(name: String): Unit =
module.addExcludeRule(excludeRule(Organization, name, configurationNames))
/** Creates an ExcludeRule that excludes artifacts with the given module organization and name for
* the given configurations. */
private def excludeRule(organization: String, name: String, configurationNames: Iterable[String]): ExcludeRule =
val artifact = new ArtifactId(ModuleId.newInstance(organization, name), "*", "jar", "*")
val rule = new DefaultExcludeRule(artifact, ExactPatternMatcher.INSTANCE, emptyMap[AnyRef,AnyRef])
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