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/* sbt -- Simple Build Tool
* Copyright 2009, 2010 Mark Harrah
package sbt
package compiler
import CompilerArguments.{abs, absString, BootClasspathOption}
/** Forms the list of options that is passed to the compiler from the required inputs and other options.
* The directory containing scala-library.jar and scala-compiler.jar (scalaLibDirectory) is required in
* order to add these jars to the boot classpath. The 'scala.home' property must be unset because Scala
* puts jars in that directory on the bootclasspath. Because we use multiple Scala versions,
* this would lead to compiling against the wrong library jar.*/
final class CompilerArguments(scalaInstance: ScalaInstance, cp: ClasspathOptions)
def apply(sources: Seq[File], classpath: Seq[File], outputDirectory: File, options: Seq[String]): Seq[String] =
val cpWithCompiler = finishClasspath(classpath)
// Scala compiler's treatment of empty classpath is troublesome (as of 2.9.1).
// We append a random dummy element as workaround.
val dummy = "dummy_" + Integer.toHexString(util.Random.nextInt)
val classpathOption = Seq("-classpath", if(cpWithCompiler.isEmpty) dummy else absString(cpWithCompiler))
val outputOption = Seq("-d", outputDirectory.getAbsolutePath)
options ++ outputOption ++ bootClasspathOption ++ classpathOption ++ abs(sources)
def finishClasspath(classpath: Seq[File]): Seq[File] =
filterLibrary(classpath) ++ include(cp.compiler, scalaInstance.compilerJar) ++ include(cp.extra, scalaInstance.extraJars : _*)
private def include(flag: Boolean, jars: File*) = if(flag) jars else Nil
protected def abs(files: Seq[File]) = < _)
protected def checkScalaHomeUnset()
val scalaHome = System.getProperty("scala.home")
assert((scalaHome eq null) || scalaHome.isEmpty, "'scala.home' should not be set (was " + scalaHome + ")")
/** Add the correct Scala library jar to the boot classpath.*/
def createBootClasspath =
val originalBoot = System.getProperty("sun.boot.class.path", "")
val newBootPrefix = if(originalBoot.isEmpty) "" else originalBoot + File.pathSeparator
newBootPrefix + scalaInstance.libraryJar.getAbsolutePath
def filterLibrary(classpath: Seq[File]) =
if(cp.filterLibrary) classpath.filterNot(_.getName contains ScalaArtifacts.LibraryID) else classpath
def bootClasspathOption = if(cp.autoBoot) Seq(BootClasspathOption, createBootClasspath) else Nil
def bootClasspath = if(cp.autoBoot) IO.parseClasspath(createBootClasspath) else Nil
object CompilerArguments
val BootClasspathOption = "-bootclasspath"
def abs(files: Seq[File]): Seq[String] =
def abs(files: Set[File]): Seq[String] = abs(files.toSeq)
def absString(files: Seq[File]): String = abs(files).mkString(File.pathSeparator)
def absString(files: Set[File]): String = absString(files.toSeq)
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