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/* sbt -- Simple Build Tool
* Copyright 2010 Mark Harrah
package sbt
package inc
import xsbti.api.Source
import xsbti.{Position,Problem,Severity}
import xsbti.compile.{CompileOrder, Output => APIOutput, SingleOutput, MultipleOutput}
import MultipleOutput.OutputGroup
import sbinary._
import DefaultProtocol._
import DefaultProtocol.tuple2Format
import Logger.{m2o, position, problem}
object AnalysisFormats
type RFF = Relation[File, File]
type RFS = Relation[File, String]
import System.{currentTimeMillis => now}
val start = now
def time(label: String) =
val end = now
println(label + ": " + (end - start) + " ms")
def debug[T](label: String, f: Format[T]): Format[T] = new Format[T]
def reads(in: Input): T =
time(label + ".read.start")
val r = f.reads(in)
time(label + ".read.end")
def writes(out: Output, t: T)
time(label + ".write.start")
time(label + ".write.end")
implicit def analysisFormat(implicit stampsF: Format[Stamps], apisF: Format[APIs], relationsF: Format[Relations], infosF: Format[SourceInfos]): Format[Analysis] =
asProduct4( Analysis.Empty.copy _)( a => (a.stamps, a.apis, a.relations, a.infos))(stampsF, apisF, relationsF, infosF)
implicit def infosFormat(implicit infoF: Format[Map[File, SourceInfo]]): Format[SourceInfos] =
wrap[SourceInfos, Map[File, SourceInfo]]( _.allInfos, SourceInfos.make _)
implicit def infoFormat: Format[SourceInfo] =
wrap[SourceInfo, (Seq[Problem],Seq[Problem])](si => (si.reportedProblems, si.unreportedProblems), { case (a,b) => SourceInfos.makeInfo(a,b)})
implicit def problemFormat: Format[Problem] = asProduct4(problem _)( p => (p.category, p.position, p.message, p.severity))
implicit def positionFormat: Format[Position] =
asProduct7( position _ )( p => (m2o(p.line), p.lineContent, m2o(p.offset), m2o(p.pointer), m2o(p.pointerSpace), m2o(p.sourcePath), m2o(p.sourceFile)))
implicit val fileOptionFormat: Format[Option[File]] = optionsAreFormat[File](fileFormat)
implicit val integerFormat: Format[Integer] = wrap[Integer, Int](_.toInt, Integer.valueOf)
implicit val severityFormat: Format[Severity] =
wrap[Severity, Byte]( _.ordinal.toByte, b => Severity.values.apply(b.toInt) )
implicit def setupFormat(implicit outputF: Format[APIOutput], optionF: Format[CompileOptions], compilerVersion: Format[String], orderF: Format[CompileOrder]): Format[CompileSetup] =
asProduct4[CompileSetup, APIOutput, CompileOptions, String, CompileOrder]( (a,b,c,d) => new CompileSetup(a,b,c,d) )(s => (s.output, s.options, s.compilerVersion, s.order))(outputF, optionF, compilerVersion, orderF)
implicit val outputGroupFormat: Format[OutputGroup] =
asProduct2((a: File,b: File) => new OutputGroup{def sourceDirectory = a; def outputDirectory = b}) { out => (out.sourceDirectory, out.outputDirectory) }(fileFormat, fileFormat)
implicit val multipleOutputFormat: Format[MultipleOutput] =
wrap[MultipleOutput, Array[OutputGroup]](
{ groups => new MultipleOutput { def outputGroups = groups } }
implicit val singleOutputFormat: Format[SingleOutput] =
wrap[SingleOutput, File](
{out => new SingleOutput{def outputDirectory = out}}
implicit val outputFormat: Format[APIOutput] = asUnion(singleOutputFormat, multipleOutputFormat)
implicit def stampsFormat(implicit prodF: Format[Map[File, Stamp]], srcF: Format[Map[File, Stamp]], binF: Format[Map[File, Stamp]], nameF: Format[Map[File, String]]): Format[Stamps] =
asProduct4( Stamps.apply _ )( s => (s.products, s.sources, s.binaries, s.classNames) )(prodF, srcF, binF, nameF)
implicit def stampFormat(implicit hashF: Format[Hash], modF: Format[LastModified], existsF: Format[Exists]): Format[Stamp] =
asUnion(hashF, modF, existsF)
implicit def apisFormat(implicit internalF: Format[Map[File, Source]], externalF: Format[Map[String, Source]]): Format[APIs] =
asProduct2( APIs.apply _)( as => (as.internal, as.external) )(internalF, externalF)
implicit def relationsFormat(implicit prodF: Format[RFF], binF: Format[RFF], intF: Format[RFF], extF: Format[RFS], csF: Format[RFS]): Format[Relations] =
asProduct5[Relations, RFF, RFF, RFF, RFS, RFS]( (a,b,c,d,e) => Relations.make(a,b,c,d,e) )( rs => (rs.srcProd, rs.binaryDep, rs.internalSrcDep, rs.externalDep, rs.classes) )(prodF, binF, intF, extF, csF)
implicit def relationFormat[A,B](implicit af: Format[Map[A, Set[B]]], bf: Format[Map[B, Set[A]]]): Format[Relation[A,B]] =
asProduct2[Relation[A,B], Map[A, Set[B]], Map[B, Set[A]]]( Relation.make _ )( r => (r.forwardMap, r.reverseMap) )(af, bf)
implicit val sourceFormat: Format[Source] = xsbt.api.SourceFormat
implicit def fileFormat: Format[File] = wrap[File, String](_.getAbsolutePath, s => new File(s))
// can't require Format[Seq[String]] because its complexity is higher than Format[CompileOptions]
implicit def optsFormat(implicit strF: Format[String]): Format[CompileOptions] =
wrap[CompileOptions, (Seq[String],Seq[String])](co => (co.options, co.javacOptions), os => new CompileOptions(os._1, os._2))
implicit val orderFormat: Format[CompileOrder] =
val values = CompileOrder.values
wrap[CompileOrder, Int](_.ordinal, values)
implicit def seqFormat[T](implicit optionFormat: Format[T]): Format[Seq[T]] = viaSeq[Seq[T], T](x => x)
implicit def hashStampFormat: Format[Hash] = wrap[Hash, Array[Byte]](_.value, new Hash(_))
implicit def lastModFormat: Format[LastModified] = wrap[LastModified, Long](_.value, new LastModified(_))
implicit def existsFormat: Format[Exists] = wrap[Exists, Boolean](_.value, new Exists(_))
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