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/* sbt -- Simple Build Tool
* Copyright 2011 Mark Harrah
package sbt
import BuildLoader._
import Alternatives._
import Types.{const,idFun}
final class MultiHandler[S,T](builtIn: S=>Option[T], root: Option[S => Option[T]], nonRoots: List[(URI, S => Option[T])], getURI: S => URI, log: S => Logger)
def applyFun: S => Option[T] = apply _
def apply(info: S): Option[T] =
(baseLoader(info), applyNonRoots(info)) match
case (None, Nil) => None
case (None, xs @ (_, nr) :: ignored ) =>
if(!ignored.isEmpty) warn("Using first of multiple matching non-root build resolvers for " + getURI(info), log(info), xs)
case (Some(b), xs) =>
if(!xs.isEmpty) warn("Ignoring shadowed non-root build resolver(s) for " + getURI(info), log(info), xs)
def baseLoader: S => Option[T] = root match { case Some(rl) => rl | builtIn; case None => builtIn }
def addNonRoot(uri: URI, loader: S => Option[T]) = new MultiHandler(builtIn, root, (uri, loader) :: nonRoots, getURI, log)
def setRoot(resolver: S => Option[T]) = new MultiHandler(builtIn, Some(resolver), nonRoots, getURI, log)
def applyNonRoots(info: S): List[(URI, T)] =
nonRoots flatMap { case (definingURI, loader) => loader(info) map { unit => (definingURI, unit) } }
private[this] def warn(baseMessage: String, log: Logger, matching: Seq[(URI, T)])
log.debug("Non-root build resolvers defined in:")
object BuildLoader
/** in: Build URI and staging directory
* out: None if unhandled or Some containing the retrieve function, which returns the directory retrieved to (can be the same as the staging directory) */
type Resolver = ResolveInfo => Option[() => File]
type Builder = BuildInfo => Option[() => BuildUnit]
type Transformer = TransformInfo => BuildUnit
type Loader = LoadInfo => Option[() => BuildUnit]
type TransformAll = PartBuild => PartBuild
final class Components(val resolver: Resolver, val builder: Builder, val transformer: Transformer, val full: Loader, val transformAll: TransformAll) {
def | (cs: Components): Components =
new Components(resolver | cs.resolver, builder | cs.builder, seq(transformer, cs.transformer), full | cs.full, transformAll andThen cs.transformAll)
def transform(t: Transformer): Components = components(transformer = t)
def resolve(r: Resolver): Components = components(resolver = r)
def build(b: Builder): Components = components(builder = b)
def full(f: Loader): Components = components(full = f)
def transformAll(t: TransformAll) = components(transformAll = t)
def components(resolver: Resolver = const(None), builder: Builder = const(None), transformer: Transformer = _.unit, full: Loader = const(None), transformAll: TransformAll = idFun) =
new Components(resolver, builder, transformer, full, transformAll)
def seq(a: Transformer, b: Transformer): Transformer = info => b(info.setUnit(a(info)))
sealed trait Info {
def uri: URI
def config: LoadBuildConfiguration
def state: State
final class ResolveInfo(val uri: URI, val staging: File, val config: LoadBuildConfiguration, val state: State) extends Info
final class BuildInfo(val uri: URI, val base: File, val config: LoadBuildConfiguration, val state: State) extends Info
final class TransformInfo(val uri: URI, val base: File, val unit: BuildUnit, val config: LoadBuildConfiguration, val state: State) extends Info {
def setUnit(newUnit: BuildUnit): TransformInfo = new TransformInfo(uri, base, newUnit, config, state)
final class LoadInfo(val uri: URI, val staging: File, val config: LoadBuildConfiguration, val state: State, val components: Components) extends Info
def apply(base: Components, fail: URI => Nothing, s: State, config: LoadBuildConfiguration): BuildLoader =
def makeMulti[S <: Info, T](base: S => Option[T]) = new MultiHandler[S,T](base, None, Nil, _.uri, _.config.log)
new BuildLoader(fail, s, config, makeMulti(base.resolver), makeMulti(base.builder), base.transformer, makeMulti(base.full), base.transformAll)
def componentLoader: Loader = (info: LoadInfo) => {
import info.{components, config, staging, state, uri}
val cs = info.components
for {
resolve <- cs.resolver(new ResolveInfo(uri, staging, config, state))
val base = resolve()
build <- cs.builder(new BuildInfo(uri, base, config, state))
} yield () => {
val unit = build()
cs.transformer(new TransformInfo(uri, base, unit, config, state))
final class BuildLoader(
val fail: URI => Nothing,
val state: State,
val config: LoadBuildConfiguration,
val resolvers: MultiHandler[ResolveInfo, ()=>File],
val builders: MultiHandler[BuildInfo, ()=>BuildUnit],
val transformer: Transformer,
val full: MultiHandler[LoadInfo, ()=>BuildUnit],
val transformAll: TransformAll)
def addNonRoot(uri: URI, loaders: Components): BuildLoader =
new BuildLoader(fail, state, config,
resolvers.addNonRoot(uri, loaders.resolver),
builders.addNonRoot(uri, loaders.builder),
seq(transformer, loaders.transformer),
full.addNonRoot(uri, loaders.full),
transformAll andThen loaders.transformAll
def setRoot(loaders: Components): BuildLoader =
new BuildLoader(fail, state, config,
seq(loaders.transformer, transformer),
loaders.transformAll andThen transformAll
def updatePluginManagement(overrides: Set[ModuleID]): BuildLoader =
val mgmt = config.pluginManagement
val newConfig = config.copy(pluginManagement = mgmt.copy(overrides = mgmt.overrides ++ overrides))
new BuildLoader(fail, state, newConfig, resolvers, builders, transformer, full, transformAll)
def components = new Components(resolvers.applyFun, builders.applyFun, transformer, full.applyFun, transformAll)
def apply(uri: URI): BuildUnit =
val info = new LoadInfo(uri, config.stagingDirectory, config, state, components)
val load = full(info) getOrElse fail(uri)
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