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/* sbt -- Simple Build Tool
* Copyright 2010 Mark Harrah
package sbt
// used instead of Either[Incomplete, T] for type inference
/** Result of completely evaluating a task.*/
sealed trait Result[+T]
def toEither: Either[Incomplete, T]
/** Indicates the task did not complete normally and so it does not have a value.*/
final case class Inc(cause: Incomplete) extends Result[Nothing]
def toEither: Either[Incomplete, Nothing] = Left(cause)
/** Indicates the task completed normally and produced the given `value`.*/
final case class Value[+T](value: T) extends Result[T]
def toEither: Either[Incomplete, T] = Right(value)
object Result
type Id[X] = X
val tryValue = new (Result ~> Id) {
def apply[T](r: Result[T]): T =
r match {
case Value(v) => v
case Inc(i) => throw i
def tryValues[S](r: Seq[Result[Unit]], v: Result[S]): S =
r foreach tryValue[Unit]
implicit def fromEither[T](e: Either[Incomplete, T]): Result[T] = e match {
case Left(i) => Inc(i)
case Right(v) => Value(v)
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