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/* sbt -- Simple Build Tool
* Copyright 2009, 2010 Mark Harrah
package xsbt.boot
import java.lang.ref.{Reference, SoftReference}
import java.util.HashMap
final class Cache[K,X,V](create: (K,X) => V)
private[this] val delegate = new HashMap[K,Reference[V]]
def apply(k: K, x: X): V = getFromReference(k, x, delegate.get(k))
private[this] def getFromReference(k: K, x: X, existingRef: Reference[V]) = if(existingRef eq null) newEntry(k, x) else get(k, x, existingRef.get)
private[this] def get(k: K, x: X, existing: V) = if(existing == null) newEntry(k, x) else existing
private[this] def newEntry(k: K, x: X): V =
val v = create(k, x)
Pre.assert(v != null, "Value for key " + k + " was null")
delegate.put(k, new SoftReference(v))
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