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package xsbt.boot
import Pre._
final class ModuleDefinition(val configuration: UpdateConfiguration, val extraClasspath: Array[File], val target: UpdateTarget, val failLabel: String)
def retrieveFailed: Nothing = fail("")
def retrieveCorrupt(missing: Iterable[String]): Nothing = fail(": missing " + missing.mkString(", "))
private def fail(extra: String) =
throw new xsbti.RetrieveException(versionString, "Could not retrieve " + failLabel + extra)
private def versionString: String = target match { case _: UpdateScala => configuration.getScalaVersion; case a: UpdateApp => Value.get( }
final class RetrievedModule(val fresh: Boolean, val definition: ModuleDefinition, val detectedScalaVersion: Option[String], val baseDirectories: List[File])
lazy val classpath: Array[File] = getJars(baseDirectories)
lazy val fullClasspath: Array[File] = concat(classpath, definition.extraClasspath)
def createLoader(parentLoader: ClassLoader): ClassLoader =
new URLClassLoader(toURLs(fullClasspath), parentLoader)
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