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/* sbt -- Simple Build Tool
* Copyright 2010, 2011 Mark Harrah
package object sbt extends sbt.std.TaskExtra with sbt.Types with sbt.ProcessExtra with sbt.impl.DependencyBuilders
with sbt.PathExtra with sbt.ProjectExtra with sbt.DependencyFilterExtra with sbt.BuildExtra
@deprecated("Renamed to CommandStrings.", "0.12.0")
val CommandSupport = CommandStrings
@deprecated("Use SettingKey, which is a drop-in replacement.", "0.11.1")
type ScopedSetting[T] = SettingKey[T]
@deprecated("Use TaskKey, which is a drop-in replacement.", "0.11.1")
type ScopedTask[T] = TaskKey[T]
@deprecated("Use InputKey, which is a drop-in replacement.", "0.11.1")
type ScopedInput[T] = InputKey[T]
type Setting[T] = Project.Setting[T]
type ScopedKey[T] = Project.ScopedKey[T]
type SettingsDefinition = Project.SettingsDefinition
type File =
type URI =
type URL =
object CompileOrder {
val JavaThenScala = xsbti.compile.CompileOrder.JavaThenScala
val ScalaThenJava = xsbti.compile.CompileOrder.ScalaThenJava
val Mixed = xsbti.compile.CompileOrder.Mixed
type CompileOrder = xsbti.compile.CompileOrder
implicit def maybeToOption[S](m: xsbti.Maybe[S]): Option[S] =
if(m.isDefined) Some(m.get) else None
def uri(s: String): URI = new URI(s)
def file(s: String): File = new File(s)
def url(s: String): URL = new URL(s)
final val ThisScope = Scope.ThisScope
final val GlobalScope = Scope.GlobalScope
import sbt.{Configurations => C}
final val Compile = C.Compile
final val Test = C.Test
final val Runtime = C.Runtime
final val IntegrationTest = C.IntegrationTest
final val Default = C.Default
final val Docs = C.Docs
final val Sources = C.Sources
final val Provided = C.Provided
// java.lang.System is more important, so don't alias this one
// final val System = C.System
final val Optional = C.Optional
def config(s: String): Configuration = Configurations.config(s)
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