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move Eval test to correct location

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1 parent f6317a5 commit 329b42453bc6036af071c613a785eca9bea54f82 @harrah committed Dec 19, 2012
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ object Sbt extends Build
// Implementation and support code for defining actions.
- lazy val actionsSub = baseProject(mainPath / "actions", "Actions") dependsOn(
+ lazy val actionsSub = testedBaseProject(mainPath / "actions", "Actions") dependsOn(
classpathSub, completeSub, apiSub, compilerIntegrationSub, compilerIvySub,
interfaceSub, ioSub, ivySub, logSub, processSub, runSub, relationSub, stdTaskSub, taskSub, trackingSub, testingSub)

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