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More about mvn vs. ivy proxies

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20 src/sphinx/Detailed-Topics/Proxy-Repositories.rst
@@ -29,7 +29,8 @@ the big three being (in alphabetical order):
* Nexus_
Once you have a proxy repository installed and configured,
-then it's time to configure SBT for your needs.
+then it's time to configure SBT for your needs. Read the
+note at the bottom about proxy issues with ivy repositories.
sbt Configuration
@@ -109,6 +110,23 @@ repository file.
+Proxying Ivy Repositories
+The most common mistake made when setting up a proxy repository for
+sbt is the attempting to *merge* both *maven* and *ivy* repositories
+into the *same* proxy repository. While some repository managers will
+allow this, it's not recommended to do so.
+Even if your company does not use ivy, sbt uses a custom layout to
+handle binary compatibility constraints of its own plugins. To ensure
+that these are resolved correctly, simple set up two virtual/proxy
+repositories, one for maven and one for ivy.
+Here's an example setup:
+.. image:: proxy-ivy-mvn-setup.png
.. _Archiva:
.. _Artifactory:
.. _Nexus:
BIN src/sphinx/Detailed-Topics/proxy-ivy-mvn-setup.png
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