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Commits on Jan 3, 2013
  1. 0.12.2-RC2

  2. Docs: fix reference to 0.7 docs

Commits on Dec 20, 2012
  1. precompile against 2.10.0

Commits on Dec 13, 2012
  1. 0.12.2-RC1

Commits on Dec 12, 2012
  1. @gkossakowski

    Fix for dependency on class file corresponding to a package. (#620)

    gkossakowski committed with
    While trying to determine binary dependencies sbt lookups class files
    corresponding to symbols. It tried to do that for packages and most of the
    time would fail because packages don't have corresponding class file
    generated. However, in case of case insensitive file system, combined
    with special nesting structure you could get spurious dependency.
    See added test case for an example of such structure.
    The remedy is to never even try to locate class files corresponding to
    Fixes #620.
  2. initial list of 0.12.2 changes

  3. @adriaanm

    Fix #610: represent refinement typerefs stably

    adriaanm committed with
    a representation of a type reference to a refinement class that's stable
    across compilation runs (and thus insensitive to typing from source or
    unpickling from bytecode)
    the current representation, which corresponds to the owner chain of the
      1. is affected by pickling, so typing from source or using unpickled
      symbols give different results (because the unpickler "localizes"
      owners -- this could be fixed in the compiler in the long term)
      2. can't distinguish multiple refinements in the same owner (this is
      a limitation of SBT's internal representation and cannot be fixed in
      the compiler)
    expand the reference to the corresponding refinement type: doing that
    recursively may not terminate, but we can deal with that by
    approximating recursive references (all we care about is being sound for
    recompilation: recompile iff a dependency changes, and this will happen
    as long as we have one unrolling of the reference to the refinement)
  4. Only make one call to test frameworks per test name. Fixes #520.

    - Requires selecting one fingerprint if there are more than one
    - The selected fingerprint is by reverse ordering of Framework.tests
    - Reverse ordering chosen to work with junit-interface without changes
  5. @jsuereth

    Adding some documentation to Launcher interface.

    jsuereth committed with
    * Documented most of the heavily used methods in Launcher.
    * Need to decide whether or not getScala is 'deprecated' or just disuaded in the future.
  6. @lexspoon
  7. concurrent restrictions: Untagged should be set based on the task's t…

    …ags, not the tags of all tasks.
  8. When preserving last modified, convert negative values to 0

    File.lastModified can return a negative number, but File.setLastModified doesn't accept
    negative numbers.  See Java bug #6791812.
  9. @vigdorchik
  10. Fixes #582. Don't merge dependencies with mismatched transitive/force…

    …/changing values.
    This avoids the assertion, but note that Ivy is unlikely to work properly in this situation.
  11. @vigdorchik
  12. Fixes #594. Global plugin products weren't being included on Compile …

    …classpath of build definition project.
  13. test for #594

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