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A plugin dependency from a plugin doesn't publish #212

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  1. write a plugin sbt-appengine with dependency to xsbt-web-plugin as follows:

    addSbtPlugin("com.github.siasia" %% "xsbt-web-plugin" % "0.1.2")
    resolvers += "Web plugin repo" at ""
  2. pulish-local.


  1. pom does not contain the de-sugared name, so it does not get resolved:

  2. as the result, build using sbt-appengine fails without explicitly adding xsbt-web-plugin.


  1. the build using sbt-appengine automatically resolves xsbt-web-plugin and grabs it.

IMPORTANT This project has moved to This issue still exists to avoid dead links, but GitHub limitations prevent the original issue from being correctly preserved here. Please see sbt/sbt#212 for the full issue and to comment.

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