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Plugin should be able to write to Build.settings as well as Project.settings #378

harrah opened this Issue Jan 5, 2013 · 1 comment

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harrah commented Jan 5, 2013

It's becoming very apparent to me that Plugins should be able to write certain configuration to a 'global sbt' location. This is configuration that is core to a given computer, not any particular project.

I'd like to propose changing the trait Plugin to look like the following:

trait Plugin {
  def settings: Seq[Project.Setting[_]] = projectSettings
  /** Settings to be appended to all projects in a build. */
  def projectSettings: Seq[Project.Setting[_]] = Seq.empty
  /** Settings to be appended to the build (global build-settings) */
  def buildSettings: Seq[Project.Setting[_]] = Seq.empty

As well as loading the buildSettings of all plugins and appending them to a Build's settings value.

If I had this ability, a lot of my plugins could most likely be used with no configuration beyond inclusion.

harrah commented Jan 5, 2013

IMPORTANT This project has moved to This issue still exists to avoid dead links, but GitHub limitations prevent the original issue from being correctly preserved here. Please see sbt/sbt#378 for the full issue and to comment.

@harrah harrah closed this Jan 5, 2013
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