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Mark Harrah harrah Remove content and only point to new site. e1ca1d9
Mark Harrah harrah Revert "Remove old documentation pages from wiki that are duplicated by content on" This reverts commit 1d8850f486fae3233de41254d99328ca1362cc78 in order to preserve the old wiki content on harrah/xsbt. f3bb39e
Mark Harrah harrah Remove old documentation pages from wiki that are duplicated by content on The harrah/xsbt wiki still has these pages. 1d8850f
Mark Harrah harrah workaround for GitHub ignoring first title, hiding 'Documentation has moved' 3620a9e
Mark Harrah harrah notice+link to new locations on 8b6f67c
Raja Aluri cmbasics Revert 9ca80c9c484b8c99e8774120d858d5c00f1463f5^ ... 9ca80c9c484b8c99e8774120d858d5c00f1463f5 51c4ada
Raja Aluri cmbasics Revert be50ca111a2b3c73bc75a10a9d0fc712e251f6aa ... ef5a2b2b1a43ef14c0aae992aa9880e1656c09bc 9ca80c9
Marin Vila rinmalavi Revert 58413a4912ff45729ef5c08338b303c81870f04b^ ... 58413a4912ff45729ef5c08338b303c81870f04b 717af98
Marin Vila rinmalavi Destroyed More Kinds of Setting (markdown) 58413a4
Mark Harrah harrah Revert de0b0662935f0eb5524bbc6a5ef5797870ec5df5 ... 80025dd47074c405f20bd8f2501a745f4425dde3 7f08d2a
Vincent Marquez vmarquez Updated More Kinds of Setting (markdown) 80025dd
eugene yokota eed3si9n 9 is the limit. 3f81d13
Mark Harrah harrah Revert 5cfa5253edd362dcea0de89cd7e72a0d990ae48e ... 558b864f53a601a3d7b4898fe803f4e4d3c16717 4ef2992
Stas stasimus Destroyed More Kinds of Setting (markdown) 558b864
John Cheng jlcheng fix typo with "muliple" a2d8f88
Havoc Pennington havocp remove leftover reference to trait Key 7a6d972
Havoc Pennington havocp grammar fix b4f7f2d
Havoc Pennington havocp change Key to SettingKey 29a5e38
Havoc Pennington havocp minor "More About Settings" edits e504c95
Havoc Pennington havocp fix the name of a link in More About Settings 0986d87
Havoc Pennington havocp explain a bit more how you'd create a setting without sbt finding it 37b07ec
Havoc Pennington havocp avoid "basic" and "full" terminology No need to add terminology; just say .sbt and .scala files. 27d4890
Havoc Pennington havocp Remove references to Key[T] This type will disappear in future sbt versions. a4af32c
Havoc Pennington havocp add page numbers and previous/next to the Getting Started guide c01ac9d
Havoc Pennington havocp Group "getting started" pages by prefix and directory The directory will allow a separate for the Getting Started. The redundant prefixes are required because gollum URLs don't have the directory. 8716a9a
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