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sbt is a build tool for Scala projects that aims to do the basics well. It requires Java 1.6 or later. test


  • Fairly fast, unintrusive, and easy to set up for simple projects
  • Configuration, customization, and extension are done in Scala
  • Accurate recompilation (in theory) is done using information extracted from the compiler
  • Continuous compilation and testing with triggered execution
  • Supports mixed Scala/Java projects, packages jars, generates documentation with scaladoc
  • Supports Testing with ScalaCheck, specs, and ScalaTest (JUnit is supported by a plugin)
  • Starts the Scala REPL with project classes and dependencies on the classpath
  • Multi-module and external project support
  • Parallel task execution, including parallel test execution
  • Dependency management support: inline declarations, external Ivy or Maven configuration files, or manual management

Getting Started

To get started, read Setup, Running, Basic Configuration, and Full Configuration. If you are familiar with 0.7.x, please see the migration page.

The mailing list is at Please use it for questions and comments!

This wiki is editable if you have a github account. Feel free to make corrections and add documentation. Use the mailing list if you have questions or comments.

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