A simple Git Bash script to fix line-endings of as-yet uncommitted files to unix file-format
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A simple Git Bash script built around one line, that (by default) searches the output of git status -u, for any as-yet un-committed files with CRLF (MSWin, or DOS file-format) line-endings and converts them to simple LF (Unix file-format).

I prefer to keep my Git'd files in Unix file-format, even on my Windows 7 netbook, and this script makes the Git commits just a little tidier.

The script handles some usage edge-cases, and allows for some switches to examine what's being done - notes are in the script.

I call it like this $HOME/gsUntr-unix.sh - accessible from any Git Bash.


Windows 7 at least, with Git Bash. (But probably works with any combination of Git & Bash.)

What's caught

With this kind of output:

output of git status -u in a simple case

find files labelled as "Untracked" (and also as "modified" - might as well) with CRLF inside, and change them to LF.