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A gem for accessing the NYTimes Article Search API
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= nytimes-articles

A simple GEM for interacting with the New York Times' Article Search API (


* Jacob Harris (
* Taylor Barstow (


	require 'rubygems'
	require 'nytimes-articles'
	include Nytimes::Articles
	Base.api_key = 'YOUR API KEY' 'ice cream' :title => '"ice cream"', :since => 3.weeks.ago, :fields => :basic :author => 'Sewell Chan', :facets => [:geo, :person]

See the RDOC for Article#search for better instructions on usage.


The following functionality is still to be implemented:

* Parsing multimedia and related_multimedia fields
* Coercion of some facet results into more suitable Ruby types (mostly Dates / Integer fields)
* Next / previous result set pagination (with memoization?)

Copyright (c) 2008 Jacob Harris. See LICENSE for details.
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