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Provides an autocompleting token widget for use with django-taggit.
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Django Taggit Token Field

Django Taggit Token Field provides a simple to use TagTokenWidget, which autocompletes and tokenizes tag entry.


  1. Install taggittokenfield somewhere on your Python Path. The easiest way to do this may be pip install git+
  2. Add 'taggittokenfield' to INSTALLED_APPS in
  3. Add url(r'^tags/', include('taggittokenfield.urls')) or similar to your urlpatterns in


The easiest way to use the token field in the Django admin is to override the form widget for TaggableManagers on your ModelAdmins using the formfield_overrides attribute. E.g.,

from django.contrib import admin
from taggit.managers import TaggableManager
from taggittokenfield.forms import TagTokenWidget

class BlogAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    formfield_overrides = {
        TaggableManager: {'widget': TagTokenWidget}
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