Scripts to package the Burstcoin Wallet for Debian
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Burstcoin Packager

This repository contains a script to take a released copy of the BRS and build it into a Debian package, suitable for use on Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc.

The Debian packages are built by a Travis CI server.

Installation / Setup

Before starting, please make sure Java 8 is installed on your system. It is required by the BRS. If you do not have java installed, run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre

Then, you need to install the Burstcoin wallet.

  • Grab the latest release from the releases page

  • Open a terminal and type sudo dpkg -i /path/to/burstcoin-wallet.deb, or install the package through a GUI.

Then, you can modify the configuration files to setup the wallet - they are stored in /etc/burstcoin-wallet/conf/

To start the wallet, you can then run sudo systemctl start burstcoin-wallet.

In order to make the wallet run at startup, run sudo systemctl enable burstcoin-wallet.


  • Open a terminal and run sudo dpkg -P burstcoin-wallet. This will automatically attempt to stop the wallet and uninstall all of its files (and will remove your burst_db if you are using H2!).

Build your own!

In order to build your own file, clone the repository and grab the latest BRS release.

Then copy it into the repo and modify - change the archive_name on line 3 to the name of the zip file you downloaded.

Then run ./ This will produce a file called burstcoin-wallet.deb