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baseUrl: ""
languageCode: "en-GB"
title: "Early Childhood Project Toy Library"
description: "We are a Brighton and Hove, UK based toy library that provides a wide selection of carefully chosen resources that reflect family life and diversity and uphold an anti-bias approach to play, care and education for young children, their parents and carers and those working with them."
html: "&copy; Copyright 2007-2018 <a href=\"\">Brighton, Hove & District Early Childhood Project</a><br/>Registered as a charity in England & Wales, Number 1068309"
page: "toylibrarybrightonandhove"
adminId: "1813667072187603"
string: "Early Childhood Project, Tarner Children's Centre, Ivory Place, Brighton, BN2 9QE, UNITED KINGDOM"
html: "<strong>Early Childhood Project</strong><br>Tarner Children's Centre<br>Ivory Place<br>Brighton, BN2 9QE<br>UNITED KINGDOM"
string: "01273294105"
html: "01273 294105"
string: ""
html: ""
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minZoom: 5
token: "pk.eyJ1IjoiZWNwdWsiLCJhIjoiY2l6bDc5MGRjMDAwYjMycHBna3RndTRyYyJ9.F1-tSNFE1c4GD6BlZYGbaQ"
icon: "/img/mapMarker.png"
iconSize: [24, 30]
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title: "Who We Are"
message: "The Early Childhood Project believe that all children have the right to develop in a positive environment free from prejudice and discrimination. We are a registered charity who work positively to combat bias of every kind in co-operation with others across Brighton and Hove. We provide information, resources and support to all those people involved in young children’s play, care and education."
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