A list of keyboard shortcuts for Blender
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Blender Shortcuts

A list of keyboard shortcuts for Blender

  • Ctrl-Tab to change selection mode
  • Shift-A to create new object mesh
  • 1–7 for views
  • ‘Tab’ to switch between Edit and Object modes
  • ‘Space’ to bring up quick search
  • ‘M’ move to another layer
  • ‘W’ for specials (subdivide, smooth)
  • ‘G’ to move location (follow by Z, Y or Z)
  • ’S’ for scale (follow by Z, Y or Z)
  • ‘R’ for rotation (follow by Z, Y or Z)
  • ‘Z’ to toggle to wireframe
  • ‘Ctrl-Tab’ to change selection mode in Edit
  • Select to opposite edges and press ‘F’ to fill in areas
  • ‘Ctrl-R’ to add edge loops, scroll to pick how many
  • ‘Option-click’ to select loops (can pick edges, faces, vertices)
  • ‘Ctrl-alt-right-click’ to select edge ring
  • Select vertices and press ‘J’ to split them into different faces
  • ‘Shift-A’ to add a new object
  • ‘L’ to select all geometry of the current object
  • ‘Ctrl-L’ to select everything connect to face
  • ‘K’ to use knife tool to do it manually, see options in header
  • ‘0’ to get camera view
  • ‘B’ to select with rubber band and middle click to drag
  • ‘Shift-z’ while scaling to stay on the same z-axis
  • ‘Shift-d’ to duplicate, then ‘R’ rotate around 3d cursor in center, then ‘Z’ around z-axis, then 90 for 90 degrees
  • ‘Shift-s’ to get cursor to center
  • ‘Ctrl-F’ for faces, ‘Ctrl-E’ for edges
  • ‘A’ to select everything
  • ‘Alt-C’ mesh from curve
  • ‘Ctrl-B’ to bevel and scroll mouse wheel for more segments
  • ‘Ctrl’ while moving to snap to vertices
  • ‘J’ to join vertices
  • ‘Ctrl-j’ to join objects in object mode
  • ‘E’ to extrude, then ’S’ for scale
  • ‘P’ to separate
  • ‘Shift-s’ to snap the cursor and selection
  • ‘Ctrl-L’ to select linked geometry
  • ‘X’ to delete stuff
  • ‘Alt-C’ convert a curve to a mesh
  • ‘G’ and ‘G’ again to edge slide down a pipe thing
  • ’S’ then ‘Z’ then ‘0’ to move to global zero
  • ‘Ctrl-M’ to mirror
  • ‘Alt-p’ to triangle ngons
  • ‘Alt-g’ to return an object to 0,0,0 location
  • ‘U’ for the UV mapping menu
  • ‘Shift-Space’ to maximise viewport
  • ‘Ctrl-a’ to apply object transformations (zero out)
  • ‘W’ for alignment options for UV maps
  • ‘Shift-r’ to repeat last command
  • To stitch edges ‘V’ and then ‘Enter’
  • When finished unwrapping -> UVs menu item then seams from islands
  • ‘E’ to reunfold