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During install, files are not copied in Destdir #47

blablack opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Hello Harry,

A small issue I detected today while trying to install luppp, the following files are not copied in the same place as the binary luppp if I use destdir:

blablack@igorito:~/src/Launchpad/luppp$ ./waf --destdir=~/TestDir/ install
Waf: Entering directory `/home/blablack/src/Launchpad/luppp/.build'

  • install /home/blablack/TestDir/usr/local/bin/luppp (from .build/luppp) Waf: Leaving directory `/home/blablack/src/Launchpad/luppp/.build' Copying resources... Copying src/ to .build/ Copying src/headphones.png to .build/ Copying src/lupppIcon.png to .build/ 'install' finished successfully (0.056s)

ui,glade, headphones.png and lupppIcon.png are still copied in the .build directory.

This is an issue for packaging,



Thanks for the report.

Indeed files are always copied to the .build dir, eventually I want to provide both options, so Luppp can be mobile (think USB stick install) or system install. As I'm not familiar with packaging I've not looked into this yet!

I'll mark it as a feature request, as I don't know how to handle this properly yet :) -Harry

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