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    Pure Data Host class

This is a relatively advanced tutorial, if you're not comfortable with
classes and audio processing perhaps start with the jackClient tutorial.

To use the libpd library we need to install it, which is going to take
some effort as its not yet packaged by most distrobutions. So we need to
get it's source, copy the files to the right places manually, and then
link our executable against it. That is not easy, and can be frustrating
if its not working...

Getting libPD:
$ cd /path/to/programming/folder
$ git clone


If you don't want the JAVA bindings because you're using C or C++ then
just change this line 67 in the makefile:

all: $(LIBPD) javalib 

all: $(LIBPD)


Now we build the library:
$ make

Finally we need to install the right files in the right places. There's
three steps here:
-Copy the .pc file, so pkg-config will find the library's includes etc
-Copy the include headers
-Copy the compiled binary .so

1. In this tutorials folder you'll find a file called libpd.pc
That needs to go to /usr/lib/pkgconfig/
$ cp libpd.pc /usr/lib/pkgconfig

2. The headers are in the "libpd_wrapper" folder in the libpd source.
They need to be copied to /usr/local/include/
$ cd /path/to/libpd/
$ cp libpd_wrapper/* /usr/local/include/

3. The binary file in the libpd source "libs" folder needs to move to
somewhere where LD will find it:
$ cp libs/ /usr/local/libs/

# Note: I've linked from /usr/lib/ to /usr/local/lib/ so
my linker can find the shared object...

Now the compile command in main.cpp should work!! Good luck!