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The worry of routing has vanished.

Routing+ automatically creates a perfect route based on your personal preferences for you. Just specify the type of roads you want to avoid or prefer and you're all set.

Routing plus web app

See project here

All the toggles you need in one place.

Everything you need to know about your routes can be stored in a cookie in your browser using Routing+.

Avoid traffic lights, right turns and much much more

Routing+ will intelligently take you down the best route possible avoiding right turns and traffic lights. One less thing for you to remember.

Future implementations

  • Support for personal preferences
  • Traffic Light preferences
  • Launch on server
  • Support Right turns

Made with educated care by the students of the University of Nottingham.

  • Chen Hang
  • James Highfield
  • Fred Etchells
  • Harry Mumford-Turner
  • Peifeng Wang
  • Ryan Mc Corry

Application continued by:

Harry Mumford-Turner