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dance dance revolution for dabbing
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Dab Dab Revolution

"Pretty F***ing Awesome" - Téigan

Made for NCSS 2017 (Embedded)




This project uses multiple BBC micro:bits

This project uses the best in dabtection technology, allowing for a highly 'seemless' experience that brings innovation to both the Dance Dance Revolution scene, as well as the dabbing community.

Using the BBC micro:bit allows for a cost effective, yet revolutionary experience to be provided to the user, even rivaling the of the best VR technologies availible on the marketplace today.

With an indirect sponsorship from WiseTech Global, this product is guaranteed to be seen in every home by early/mid 2017.

This project would like to thank all contributors, and members of the DabTech Global team, and our partner companies, Tommonwealth Dank, and Danklassian.

No, but seriously, we would actually like to genuinely thank, Greg Darkes (Elmo), Almost Dr. Giovanni lastname/Durso (snack-master), Jimmo, Owen, Deanna, Katie, Joanne, and least/most of all, Téigan - memelord.

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